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Tournament Registration

To save some time, please print out and complete the required forms prior to arriving at the field.  OR, you can do it when you get there.  BUT, no one will be allowed on the field without completing and signing the required forms!

Waiver (PDF format) - MUST be signed by ALL players.  If player is under 18, parent / guardian must also sign.

Medical Permission Form  (PDF format) - MUST be signed by parent / guardian for players under 18, IF parent/guardian is not going to stay at the field

For Tournaments, please fill out The Team Registration Form listing all team members, plus a Waiver for each player, plus the Medical Permission Form for players under 18

Tournament Rules - n/a

Tournament Registration - n/a

Team Registration Package - n/a includes the Team Registration Form, copies of Waiver and Medical Permission forms, and Complete  Tournament Rules (MS Word Format).  
If you do not have MS Word, the RTF format should open in most word processors (but it is a very large file to download).  
The text file will open in any word processor, and probably in your web browser.  It does not include the Medical Permission Form or the Waiver of Liability form - if you use the text version you will have to open those forms from the links at left and print them from your browser.

The Team Registration Package is only for tournament events.  Waivers and Medical Permission forms are required for any player at any time on the field.

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