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Chicago 2004
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Los Angeles 2004
World Cup 2003
Prize Shots by Tina
NCPA SACC Tournament
5 Man Charity

Please click on any picture to enlarge.  Follow the tournament links at left to see photos of Team Ultimate.

Click Here for a layout of our entire facility (in Adobe Acrobat format)

Mounds Field

mounds01.JPG (100034 bytes)         mounds02.JPG (92253 bytes)           mounds03.JPG (67823 bytes)

Ultimate Air - Set Up for World Cup Practice

x_air01.JPG (64988 bytes)          x_air02.JPG (68278 bytes)        x_air03.JPG (52103 bytes)     big_start_air.JPG (76560 bytes)


Spool Fields.  Field 1 from the NW corner.  Field 2 is in the background behind the 12 ft. net, which can be pulled aside to create a 10 man field.

fld1_nw.jpg (57328 bytes)               target_range.jpg (65548 bytes)  Target Range near Spool Fields



ryan_g_breakout.jpg (44807 bytes)                        ryan_in_the_spools.jpg (53103 bytes)                       tj_hunkered_down.jpg (64100 bytes)


Ultimate Air field.  Designed for 3-5 Man Teams

ult_air_1.gif (159330 bytes)              julie_jamie.jpg (70540 bytes)                jake.jpg (66424 bytes)



air_field20021015.jpg (51110 bytes)             julie_airball.jpg (57972 bytes)          air_start.jpg (58622 bytes)


staging_area_airball.jpg (35486 bytes)Staging area at Air Ball Field




Hyperball Field.  Designed for 10 man teams. 

Mvc-011f.jpg (52751 bytes)                        head_of_snake.jpg (66995 bytes)



hyperball.gif (198853 bytes)                          hyperball.jpg (59808 bytes)


staging_area_hyperball.jpg (53948 bytes)Staging area at Hyperball Field




The following photos were taken on the Spool Fields - courtesy of Cody B.

5-man start.jpg (69192 bytes)Start..




break out - 2.jpg (66644 bytes)Breakout




chris at the 40.jpg (55984 bytes)First breakout positions




chris at the barrels.jpg (75762 bytes)Pinned at the barrels




cody at the 30.jpg (65438 bytes)Crossfire




dave - 2.jpg (59145 bytes)Backing up to make the angle shot from the 40





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