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Standard rates are:

  • FIELD PAINT - players MAY use paint purchased from us, or BRING YOUR OWN.  See our PRODUCTS page for our paint pricing.  For all tournaments, it's "field paint only" UNLESS noted on the Events page. If you rent our equipment, it's FIELD PAINT ONLY
  • Field Fee - $20.00+tax  (effective 11/29/04 - includes all day Nitro or CO2) Bring your own equipment and paint.
  • All Day Air - CO2 or HPA included in field fee above
  • Air per fill - HPA is $1 per thousand psi.  CO2 is $3 for tanks less than 20 oz; $4 for tanks 20 oz and larger.  (Players at the field must pay $20 fee which includes all day air)
  • Standard Rental: Tippman 98, mask, 500 paintballs (FIELD PAINT ONLY), all day air, field fee - $35.00
  • Groups: for 10 or more people (NO EXCEPTIONS), you can have a private field, dedicated referees (depending on group size).  Rate will be number of people in group x $30 (all day air + field fee).  Equipment per "Standard Rental" above - ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED, single invoice & single payment for entire group



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