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Tournament Rules

Copies will be available for download here, and at the field. For the July 23, 2005 tournament we will use PSP 5 Man Rules modified for our event

Field Rules and Safety

ANYONE not following these Field Rules may be asked to leave the premises, with no refund of any fees that may have been paid in advance!

ALL players MUST check in at the store BEFORE going to the fields!

  1. Customers will keep an approved barrel blocking device in paintball markers at all times anywhere on the premises (ESPECIALLY in and around the store and in the parking lot). Barrel blocking devices may be removed ONLY when inside a netted field where all participants are wearing approved face masks.

  2. Customers will put on and wear approved face masks prior to entering any playing fields or other areas where paintball markers are being fired. “Approved” means a mask specifically manufactured for paintball that has not been modified.

  3. Alcohol is not allowed; players arriving who appear intoxicated will be not be allowed to play.

  4. There will be no foul, abusive, or otherwise objectionable language used on these premises.

  5. There will be no physical contact or confrontations between anyone.

  6. There will be no arguing with the referees, employees, or management.

  7. There will be no cheating, ESPECIALLY wiping or playing on after an OBVIOUS HIT. We operate a recreation facility, and expect EVERYONE who plays here to exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play.

  8. There will be no climbing on bunkers.

  9. No “Dead Man Walks” allowed during recreational play.

  10. Paintball markers may be fired only inside the netted fields, at other players, while a game is in progress. Once a game is over, or the player is eliminated, players will install their barrel blocking device and leave the field. No firing into the air (over the nets), at animals on the premises, or even directly at the nets around the fields (where paint might splatter on observers outside the nets).

  11. ONLY semi-automatic paintball markers are allowed (one trigger pull produces on paintball discharged). Fully automatic triggers, reactive triggers, and any trigger adjusted to take advantage of “bounce” are not allowed.

  12. Customers may play ONLY on fields that are supervised by our referees.

  13. ANYONE who wants to enter any field of play for any reason must LEGIBLY fill out a Waiver (and Medical Permission form if applicable) and wear an approved face mask. Anyone supplying false information on any form will be asked to leave.

  14. Customers using their own equipment MUST check their velocity at the “chrono” station before playing. Maximum velocity may not exceed 280 fps for recreational play.

  15. While we try to make our facility enjoyable for everyone, this is a business! PLEASE do not ask to “borrow” equipment – we rent or sell almost everything you need to play paintball.

  16. Payment for all goods and services MUST be made before leaving the premises. Those failing to pay will be turned over to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Dept.!! We accept cash, checks for amount of purchase only with proper I.D., and VISA & MasterCards.

  17. Customers are responsible for their personal property while on the premises, we do not have lockers or storage space. 

  18. ANY acts of theft will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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